New Service Request

Welcome to the Potosi Water Supply Corporation Community. 

FOR PROPERTIES WITHOUT EXISTING MEMBERSHIP:  Cost for a new membership, which includes a water meter, may vary depending on if a road bore or line extension is required.  Basic cost is:

Memberships (non-refundable): $150

Equity Buy-In Fee: $550.00

Basic Installation:  $1800.00

Total:  $2500.00

Please call our office for an exact amount for your specific property.  Once the paperwork is completed and the total cost is paid, a meter will be set.  Basic installation can normally be completed within a week.  Road bores and line extensions require extra time. 

FOR PROPERTIES WITH an EXISTING MEMBERSHIP:  When buying a new or existing property that already has a membership, buyers will need to complete a Service Agreement.  We will also need a copy of the Closing Disclosure Form from your closing papers as legal proof that you purchased the home. There is also a one time $30 membership transfer fee that is paid by the buyer and can be added to the first months bill or paid separately.  Property sellers will need to complete a membership transfer form in order to transfer their membership to the buyer.  

Any of these forms can be emailed to